Our School

Welcome to Inverallochy School

Our Vision and Values
Working Together 
Everyone’s a Learner
Be Kind
Do Your Best

Inverallochy School and Nursery is a village school which serves the historical, twin
fishing villages of Cairnbulg and Inverallochy, locally known as Belger and Cotton. Our
school building is Victorian and was a former junior/secondary school. It was extended
in 1965.
The school roll for session 2023-24  is 127 pupils and we have six primary classes this
year. We have a thriving Nursery within our school which has 48 children all of which are offered the full 1140 hours. Our whole school community works together to provide the best
possible learning experiences for all of our children.
Partnerships are vital in achieving our vision for Inverallochy School. We strongly
believe in the ‘Power of Three’ and aim to establish positive and supportive
relationships with parents. We encourage parents to participate in their child’s
education. We have an active and supportive Parent Council and an enterprising
fundraising committee, to which everyone is invited to be part of. They organise
various events throughout the school year and offer enthusiastic support to pupil
organised events.
Inverallochy has adopted a restorative approach to behaviour, encouraging the children
to be aware of their own behaviours and how they affect others. The UN Rights of the
Child are embedded across the school, with an emphasis on linking rights to
responsibilities. We are currently working towards Level 1 in the Rights Respecting
School Award. In line with this, our school aims were revised in consultation with all
stakeholders, to create our school charter.

Our Whole School Charter

We have a right to:
Be treated equally and fairly with respect
Be special and unique
Be listened to and have our say
Feel safe
Make mistakes

We have a responsibility to:
Respect each other and staff
Be a good team member
Listen to others; let them have their say
Not to bully or harm each other
Learn from our mistakes
Achieve our full potential

At Inverallochy School every child matters!