Room 5

Back to school!
Miss Miller


Timetable of specialists this term:
Monday – Gym with Miss Miller
Tuesday – Music with Miss McConochie
Wednesday – ICT with Mrs Grant
Thursday – Gym with Mrs Clark


Welcome boys and girls! Having heard all about your super summer
holidays, I hope you all are just as excited about being back to school!

Being the new teacher at Inverallochy School is very exciting, everyone
has been very welcoming and helpful, especially my class! I am really
looking forward to being your class teacher and I am sure you will
enjoy your special year in Primary 4 :).


There will be weekly homework, which will include:
Reading – the pages you are expected to read will be noted in your reading record
Spelling – new spelling words will be given out each Monday and tested on the Friday
Maths – a link up activity to what is being learnt in class that week

Topic – We will be learning all about the human body and our senses this term! We will be learning through a range of fun-filled activities and we will present our findings in a fact file book!
Maths – We will start the term by looking at number processes, we will be practicing our times tables daily too!
Literacy – Improving our literacy skills, by a range of jobs such as handwriting, BIG writing, reading and grammar